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The beer brands manufactured and marketed by United Breweries Ltd. have always been recognized for their international quality. A name synonymous with beer in India, Kingfisher stands for excitement, youth, and camaraderie.

This largest-selling beer in India, commands a significant market share* in the country with an alternate bottle of beer sold in India being a Kingfisher brand. We are also available in 60+ countries across the globe.

Over the years, the Kingfisher family has expanded to include brands and variants that cater to all segments of our audience. The Heineken brands augment our portfolio with stellar products of global repute, making UB a preferred option for consumers and customers alike.

Kingfisher Premium

Kingfisher Strong

Kingfisher Ultra

Kingfisher Ultra Max

Kingfisher Ultra Witbier

Kingfisher Storm

Kingfisher Blue


Amstel Bier






Cannon 10000


Kalyani Black Label

UB Export

UB Export Strong

London Pilsner

London Pilsner Strong

Non-Alcoholic Brands

Kingfisher Radler Lemon

Kingfisher Radler Mint & Lime

Kingfisher Radler Ginger & Lime

Kingfisher Premium Packaged Drinking Water

Kingfisher Strong Power Soda

Kingfisher Storm Strong Soda

Kingfisher Ultra Non-Alcoholic

Heineken 0.0

Amstel Malt Classic Non-Alcoholic

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