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  • Responsible Consumption of Alcohol

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Alcohol consumption is largely related to cultural and social influence on an individual. India is a diverse nation with vast cultural variations among ethnic, religious and linguistics groups with varied drinking pattern across states. With a major rise in the number of drunken driving cases, sensitization on the effects of abuse of alcohol are the need of the hour.

Truck drivers are an essential link in our supply chain and their wellbeing is important for our growing economy. A majority of truck drivers consume alcohol either daily or often, increasing the possibility of drinking and driving. UBL has launched a “Responsible Consumption of Alcohol” programme to reach out the truck drivers in our supply chain. The programme intends to cover all the truck drivers coming into our breweries.

Additionally, campaigns in collaboration with the media are being run to spread awareness on this topic, among the masses.

Activities undertaken:
  1. Awareness generation and Sensitisation sessions with Truck Drivers
  2. Awareness generation campaigns in the media
Total Reach
637Truck Drivers
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