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CSR Policy


UBL firmly believes in sustainable development, which is interpreted as growing our business in a socially and environmentally responsible way, while meeting the legitimate interests of our stakeholders. We also believe in taking an active role and responsibility in empowering local communities to achieve their ambitions. The company and its employees are committed to the community it works with and the environment it extracts its resources from. The needs of the community and the environment keep changing over time and therefore our CSR and Sustainability policy would be dynamic to be able to include the aspects which would help in paving the way for long term sustainable development. We will ensure that our CSR initiatives integrate social and environmental considerations, apply to all our operations, are incorporated in our governance, management, business strategy and day to day decisions and actions.

At United Breweries, we would invest in holistic welfare measures for our co- communities that would include water along with education, primary health and promotion of responsible consumption of alcohol. All our initiatives would be implemented after a thorough needs assessment of the community.

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