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CSR Policy

Implementation Process

Building and transforming communities require focus, time, commitment and resources. The thematic areas have been carefully chosen to maximize the output of the corporate social responsibility initiatives. The programmes have been solidified with the participation of business units, employees and the community that we work with and the following focus areas have emerged:

Activities Undertaken by UBL:
  1. Water
  2. Education
  3. Health
  4. Responsible Consumption of Alcohol

United Breweries Limited shall implement its CSR programmes either directly or through partnerships with reputed non-profit organizations having expertise in the selected thematic areas. Emanating from the belief that our co-communities deserve attention on priority, the CSR implementation area has been defined as a 10 kms radius of UBL operations and manufacturing facilities. The CSR initiatives shall be centrally driven by the Head-CSR at the Corporate Office under the guidance of the Managing Director. The responsibility of identification of project opportunities and allocation of funds would rest with the corporate office. In case of larger programmes, the implementation responsibility would lie with partner non-profit organizations and in case of smaller CSR projects, the implementation responsibility would rest with the Brewery HR team. While Brewery HR leads would be responsible for supervision and monitoring of CSR programmes at the brewery level, the overall responsibility of supervision and monitoring of the programmes would lie with Head-CSR.


UBL understands that a large population of India still bears the daily struggles for safe drinking water. Its initiatives are aimed at equipping the villages around its breweries with technology that ensures them of water related safety and health. Further, it also works for water conservation and rejuvenation in water destitute areas where agriculture is the prime source of income.

Primary Healthcare

Without health there is no progress and so UBL gives primary and preventive healthcare facilities to the villages close to its breweries to ensure that diseases are cured before they become unbearable and costly.

Primary Education

Creating favourable educational conditions for the village children around its breweries is another one of UBL's projects. Its Mini Science Centres aim at practical learning while adoption of schools involves making an environment that is safe, healthy and educational. Several other schools are also given these facilities to encourage children to pursue primary education.

Responsible Consumption of Alcohol

Promoting the message of responsible consumption of alcohol among the masses is a critical objective for UBL. Sensitisation and awareness generation for the same is what UBL is working towards. By reaching out to the truck drivers in our supply chain, in a fun and interactive manner, UBL aspires to drive home an important message.

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