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Safe Drinking Water Back

With the Water initiatives, problems like limited access to safe drinking water, dried up bore wells and non-functional hand pumps are no more troublesome issues for the villagers. People are saved from travelling long distances to fetch water and no longer need to consume salty and fluoride contaminated water that causes diseases. Providing affordable drinking water has been one of the biggest CSR achievements for UBL and a massive relief for the recipients. All the projects aim to create employment where villagers taking care of the plants are paid monthly honorariums from the earnings of the plant.

Activities Undertaken by UBL:
  1. Establishing RO water plants
  2. Giving household water purifiers
  3. Deepening of wells
  4. Installing pumps
  5. Providing water stations
Total Reach

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Needs of the villagers

10 villages around the two breweries UB Golconda and UB Nizam were facing severe drought pertaining to the failure of monsoon. The main source of water, the bore wells had excess fluoride and this heavily affected the health of the residents due to water borne diseases.

In one of the target villages, Gunthapalli, there was no water source at all.

Efforts by UBL

With implementation partner, ASSIST, UBL is supporting a community water scheme and 8 drinking water plants, which use the RO technology, to provide safe drinking water to the 10 villages in the vicinity of the two breweries.

In Gunthapalli, a 45 ft. well was dug, a submersible pump installed and a complete community water scheme was sponsored for over 350 families.

In Sangareddy, a bore well pump with pipes and fittings was installed to ensure safe drinking water to the villagers.



Needs of the villagers

In the 5 villages around the brewery UB Nelamangala, the water was reported unfit for direct drinking by the CGWB due to high fluoride content. People were either travelling to the neighbouring villages which increased their expenditure or consumed the hard salty tube well water.

Efforts by UBL

Three RO Community Water Plants were installed in Bomanahalli, Gangadharpalya and Veerananjipura to provide the much needed clean and safe drinking water to the residents of the villages. The implementation partner, SIRDS, helped reach the target audience with much effectiveness. UBL continues to support and monitor the project and an increase in the consumption of water cans has been noted.



Needs of the villagers

Among the chosen 5 villages in the vicinity of the breweries UB Ajanta and UB Ellora, half of the villages received medium quality drinking water for 7-8 months and then were dependent on tankers. There was low water availability in the dug wells.

In Kasoda, school children were dependent on the neighbourhood houses for water during school hours.

Furthermore, hand pumps and bore wells were non-functional in some villages.

Efforts by UBL

Household water purifiers were distributed which made the available water better for consumption. UBL's partner, Dilasa Janvikas Prtishthan suggested so, taking into account that RO facility was not required since the available supply of water was consumable without negative health effects.



Needs of the villagers

Around UBL-Dharuhera, the 10 villages face problems like contaminated water because of the unplanned urbanisation that is taking place. 95% of the households do not have fitted taps in the pipelines because of which the water drains out during the supply hours. Villagers consume this water without boiling and so risks for health problems are immeasurably increased. Other problems like unequal distribution of water and discrimination between the villagers simply elevates the issues of drinking water.

Efforts by UBL

UBL has recently partnered with Akhil Bhartiya Gramin Utthan Samiti to carry this initiative forward. The water plants in the villages are under construction with the aim to not only provide clean drinking water but also to mobilise the communities. UBL ultimately wants these plants to be community based, owned and managed.



Needs of the villagers

Many of the 18 chosen villages around the brewery UB Khordha, are far from government supported water supply and the people demand open wells/ tube wells/ government hand pumps. People receive 7-8 months of water supply and then are dependent on water tankers.

Efforts by UBL

This is the newest project of UBL in partnership with Spring Health Water India Pvt. Ltd.

Under this entrepreneur driven project; which aims at not only providing safe drinking water but also generating employment, Chlorine dioxide is used to purify water. Additionally, three water stations have been provided to the District Headquarter Hospital, Khordha which are being utilised by the admitted and visiting patients and their attendants. A water station has also been provided to the hospital kitchen to improve the conditions in which the patients’ food is prepared.

Water tanks have been ensured to the local communities.

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